TPacks custom “tech pack”

Made good use of the past few days while it literally kept bucketing almost consistently 🌧️ day & night 🤦🏻.
This beast is about to take on its first journey soon to its new owner in France 🇫🇷.
Welcome to the TPACKS family 🙏. This pack has certainly been a challenge & as with all the others …in the making 🪡🧵 I can’t wait to get them finished by the time, I shoot 📷 them – it’s getting mental 😹
May sound weird but it is what it is…
Anyhow, there ya have a ~40l, molle equipped pack made out of ECOPAK® EPX600, paired with the finest hardware 😻 that there is.
Features a fully removable hipbelt, shoulderstraps, loadlifters & comes with additional D-rings to be carried as a duffle. On the inside we have the reg. foampad compartment + a laptop compartment with a couple of small Dyneema® stretch pockets.
Weighing ~ 1185gr + 276gr for the hipbelt


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