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Nothin new but I’ve just realized I haven’t gotten a post out for me testing pack…

Currently running an additional frame sheet with the eva foam pad to test the effects of a stronger load transfer onto the redesigned hipbelt.

On my little camino ~100km🐾 in the first half of 2023 I’ve used it hence I brought my laptop for work and it has certainly made a difference IMHO.
Frame sheets will be available & you can simply add them to your existing TPacks pack by sliding them into the inner back pouch where the foam pad sits.
If you do make a sheet yourself, just make sure to smoothen the edges so you don’t damage the fabric 🙏 !!
This pack weights ~ 885gr + 153,4gr for the new hipbelt & packs a good ~45l internally. Features a big front pocket with drainage, tons of additional points to secure your gear + a fully removable hipbelt & shoulderstraps.
Made from ECOPAK® Ultra 400 & UltraGrid™ paired with AustriAlpin hardware.


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