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  • TPacks “asym”

    TPacks “asym”

    The “asym” – season closing project straight from the sewing table & into the woods for a quick shoot & back 😹 before the rain kicks my ass again🤦🏻. As you may know if you where following along, I won´t be taking any cusomt orders anymore.
- Next orders will be taken in winter 2024/2025 –…

  • Early days …

    Early days …

    a small glimps from packs before starting the blog displaying each project…by far not all that are already out there seeking adventure..

  • TPacks – EDC pack

    TPacks – EDC pack

    Made from ECOPAK® Ultra 400x, UltraGrid™ & Tsunooga a light yet durable multiuse EDC pack.25l with the rolltop collar extended -> 35l. Fully removable & adjustable shoulder straps, hipbelt tunnel & full 2 way side zip. Extra laptop compartment on the inside. The nitty gritty:

  • Long haul 70+15 expedition pack

    Long haul 70+15 expedition pack

    Literally a huge project …70 + 15l with extended collar. Ships out to the US 🇺🇸 today.Ran out of blankets & pillows to stuff that thing 😹. Long haul pack with detachable brain connected to the Y-compression strap. Compression may be used with or without the brain.Ice axe attachment, crampon pouch tucked in between a…

  • Webshop CLOSURE

    Webshop CLOSURE

    A little update to some upcoming changes. Hence I will ONLY be making projects “to order” the webshop will be closed.The remaining 2 “creative project” packs can still be purchased through my Etsy shop.For your very own TPacks custom project please reach out directly through the contact form or drop me a line @tiger_powers.

  • TPacks – creators tool

    TPacks – creators tool

    Nothin new but I’ve just realized I haven’t gotten a post out for me testing pack…–Currently running an additional frame sheet with the eva foam pad to test the effects of a stronger load transfer onto the redesigned hipbelt.–On my little camino ~100km🐾 in the first half of 2023 I’ve used it hence I brought…

  • Sewing update

    Sewing update

    Rather late than not at all. If you follow me on the socials I am sure this ain´t no news for ya but…I wanted to stay up to date here as well.I´ve decided to ONLY do custom – made to order packs from now on.For a couple reasons. I am working close to full time…

  • TPacks Panda 45l

    TPacks Panda 45l

    The nitty gritty: Total weight: ~ 1151gr(all straps, bungee cords can be shortened to desired length to cut down weight) Hipbelt weight: ~ 147gr(may slightly vary depending on your waist size – please measure & add to the notes when placing the order – will be custom fitted) “Creative” project -> out in the wild…

  • TPacks – “scrap” pouches

    TPacks – “scrap” pouches

    !Single pieces! – [GONE] Handmade, slick, lightweight & durable outdoor/allday – anytime wear “custom” pouch. 2 weekend projects, made from leftover cuts #upcycling: V. I Weighs ~ 133gr & takes about 1.4l internal.The front pocket can be adjusted via bungee strap, the rear is separated into 2 parts. One smaller one (keys, or if you…

  • TPacks “pinky”

    TPacks “pinky”

    Lemme introduce “pinky” 🐾. An ongoing project for quite some time – tho here she is now 😻.A ~45l rolltop with removable hipbelt & straps. Made from @ChallengeSailcloth ECOPAK® Ultra 800, paired with UltraGrid™ + TheDyneemaProject Dyneema® stretch mesh for the bottom pocket & internal rear panel pouches. Austrialpin’s finest 😻 all the way through…